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    According to reports and statistics, the District Of Columbia Birth Records can be claimed to be one of the most searched legal documents in the recorder?s office. Why is that so? It is because a company would ask for it when you are applying for a job. An organization would ask for it if you are joining in a club or something. And there are many more reasons why individuals go after these legal documents. Today, it shouldn?t be that much difficult to do the job because the said records are now being updated at the county level.You definitely have the legal right to go after these legal documents and that the government will give you this report for as long as you go through the right procedure, it is totally an important document, hence, the clerk of court should be meticulous enough in archiving it for various reasons. However, only the owner of the said record can only be allowed to perform the search. Thus, if you want a copy of another person?s record then you would need some legal consent from the owner of it before you can have it.As a requesting party, you need to find out first that you approached the right office for the request that you are going to be making. You have to know that the said records can only be requested if you are the official owner of it. There are ways in which you will be able to get these records. First, you need to call the clerk of court to inquire of the requirements on how you are going to start with the search. You will then be asked to fill out the application form which has to be filled in in its entirety to be able to view all the desired details which you want to see in the result.If you want to do it by mail then you have to have the filled out form be notarized first before you are going to mail it to the clerk?s office in the county where you have resided. You can actually do the submission too in the State?s central records database if your location is much nearer to such office. The fee that you are going to be paying should not go beyond $20.00 per copy. But to find out how much you are going to be paying for you have to call the office concerned first so that you will be able to prepare the amount that is going to be needed.These days, the Washington DC Birth Records are viewable and can be downloaded even at home provided that you have Internet connection and computers. You just have to find the most reliable source that you can find on the web. How do you do that? Well, look for the one that has excellent reviews from people who have actually used it for whatever reasons they may have.